Below is a scale representation of my front yard.  The street is at the top, my front door is at the bottom, and my driveway is on the right.  Click on a zone to activate it.  Clicking a zone turns off all other zones.  The yellow flower beds are micro-sprinklers, so, you probably won't get much gratification from turning those on.  All zones are automatically turned off after 10 minutes.

Backyard sprinklers
Turn off all Zones Map Key:
Green = Lawn
Grey = Sidewalk
Yellow= Flower Bed
Brown =  Tree Trunk
You might notice the sprinkler zone for the sidewalk.  The original purpose was to spray people who let their dog shit in my yard. However, the name 'Dog Sprayers' isn't quite accurate, as I'm not aiming for the dogs and the name "People Who Let Their Dog Shit In My Yard Sprayers' is too long, therefor, these particular sprinklers have been affectionately dubbed 'Mormon Sprayers'.  (Indicative of the multiple purposes.)


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