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  • Aditya - Friday 6 March 2015 03:36
    [b]PYGbgfeOJLAgFQ[/b] uhhhhh I hate you!! no i'm kidding but i am very jelouas. I wish i could take a month of and go exploring around the world!alicia,long time blog reader
  • Robert - Friday 6 March 2015 03:30
    [b]QVbsWFNpDE[/b] amber i love your costume even betetr with the captain a few of thos and you will definetly bee feeling like a wench lol all in fun sweetheart ,i wish i was going to a party but i will be driving across the country like usual working i am only off work on weekends have fun and please be careful . also no drinking and driving wouldent want too see you as a fatality kisses babe happy holloween patrick
  • Evangelina - Sunday 1 March 2015 11:41
    [b]Hi Joe![/b] I love your pictures. I don't know if you remember me, I met you when you came to visit Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'd like to keep in touch with you. Greetings.
  • - Sunday 6 April 2014 19:54
    I'm glad to see you haven't deleted these. I still think of you daily. I never stopped.....and I never will.

    Ironically the song "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" feels like my anthem to you.

    I hang on to the hope of seeing you again. It's the thing that keeps me going. A final request.

    Do you revisit these photos every now and again? I wonder. I believe you do. I have to believe to maintain meaning in my life.

    My cell is still the same as when we last spoke. I almost call you every now and then. It's frightening how bold I am becoming of late........
  • Dave - Sunday 1 November 2009 18:44
    [b]Oscar[/b] Hey Joe. Your costume was brilliant. I made a copy of it this year. I'll share some pics if you want. Won 3 costume contests in one year! Hit me up:
  • Kevin - Thursday 2 October 2008 23:11
    [b]Wow![/b] You literally read my mind! This combines the two projects I was thinking about - sesame street and illusion costumes! Do you have any pictures of the support structure (how you lugged the weight)? If you do and wish to share, kdform at Thanks!
  • dan michalak - Thursday 25 September 2008 18:26
    [b]how did you make the oscar costume[/b] How did you make this costume please teach me