At one point, in my college career, I was a chemistry major.  But I was already dabbling in computer graphics and my advisor in the chemistry department, hired me to make some ratraced movies of organic chemical reactions, something I'd suggested to him, as I thought the CSG of Polyray (the renderer I used at the time) was well suited for the sticks and balls of organic chemistry visualization.

This was created using a DOS program called Polyray written by a (very smart) guy named Alexander Enzmann.  This program is no longer developed, maintained or widely available, though it you really want it, you can usually find it somewhere.  Although with the advent of Povray and Blender, I don't know why you'd want to.

Anyway, without further ado, here they are!  Note that these are in the fli/flc format.

Radical Propagation

Reactants: Methane and Chlorine Radical

Products: CH3 Radical and HCl


Radical Termination

Reactants: Two CH3 Radicals

Products: Ethane

Halohydrin Formation

Reactants: Two CH3 Radicals

Products: Ethane



Reactants: Propene, Water, and Catalytic Acid (H30)

Products: Isopropyl Alcohol, and H30


Reactants: 2-CL-propane and Base (OH)

Products: Propene, Water, and Cl


Reactants: Chloromethane and Base (OH)

Products: Ethanol and Cl

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