The Bee

This bee actually started as an Entomology 101 assignment, but grew to a full blown project.

This was created using a DOS program called Polyray written by a (very smart) guy named Alexander Enzmann.  This program is no longer developed, maintained or widely available, though it you really want it, you can usually find it somewhere.  Although with the advent of Povray and Blender, I don't know why you'd want to.

It starts with a couple of stills:

I then created a hovering bee in a repeating loop.  This is in flc format, which most players probably play these days.  But, you have to set your player to 'loop' mode (if it has one) for the full affect.

The final project was a bee flying through some trees, landing on a flower, then taking off again, which you can see here:

And below is the code for all of this.

20th Century Joe Code

Bee Flight Code

Hovering Bee Code

Comments or Suggestions?